Christine Kim Garcia Lab

at Columbia University Irving Medical Center


Welcome! Dr. Christine Kim Garcia is the Frode-Jensen Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Her laboratory studies the genetic basis of lung disease, including pulmonary fibrosis. She is the Chief of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine Division within the Department of Medicine, a member of the Center for Precision Medicine and Genomics and an affiliate of the Institute for Genomic Medicine.


McGroder CF, Zhang D, Choudhury MA, Salvatore MM, D’Souza BM, Hoffman EA, Wei Y, Baldwin MR, and Garcia CK. Pulmonary fibrosis 4 months after COVID-19 is associated with severity of illness and blood leukocyte telomere length. Thorax. 2021 Apr 29; Online ahead of print. PMID:  33927016.

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